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This division of the firm is primarily focused on providing our clients with real estate asset and investment management services. We consider our relationship with our clients more as a partnership, rather then as a service provider. Since 2005, the firm has provided commercial property advisory to a select clientele. Our “forte” is at client representation in the management of real property asset investments. Most of our work assignments are located in the Denver metro area; however some assignments have been conducted in various locations throughout Colorado.

The following are areas of the firm’s expertise

  • Real Estate Asset and Portfolio Management
  • Improvement District Management
  • Commercial Facility Management
  • Real Estate Investment Private Placement
  • Investment Group Management

For those assignments where a range of expertise exceeds that of the firm, we maintain a close working relationship with other firms and individuals that can provide expertise on an as needed basis. Some of the areas we typically utilize as outside support are common area maintenance, landscape maintenance, building systems maintenance, engineering services, specialized legal and tax advice, architectural design and decorating expertise, and general contracting, etc. Those associate firms allow us to provide a team of senior level professionals for any project that requires a total program management approach.


Our firm provides services which range from assessing the market operational needs of a property to representing the interests of the owners. We have the experience to manage the performance of the underlying assets. Whether you are purchasing an income property or a user building, we consider them investments so our involvement will ensure that they will perform for you over time. In addition, we provide problem solving advice and alternative courses of action strategies when the situation arises. Moreover, we can work closely with the typical parties involved in the day to day operations of the investment, such as property managers, maintenance personnel, contractors, leasing agents and corporate executives, as well as handle those critical items that require proper documentation. Also available are a host of unique client specific services to support the management process when the situation requires.


Since our assignments usually require senior level management expertise, we are prepared to bring to bear industry executive level support. Each assignment is managed by a client manager who has experience with similar projects and has bottom line responsibility. We can provide our clients with any of the management tools and capabilities necessary to complete the assignment.

The following are activities supported by the firm:

  • Management Operations
  • Business Finance
  • Budget Preparation and Expense Analysis
  • Facility Operation Oversight
  • Contract Administration
  • Government Agency Liaison
  • Client Representation

These activities make full use of our combined strengths in property investments, project management, construction administration and business operations management. Our work is organized so a principal is involved in the day to day operations of the assignment, while providing oversight as the client’s representative, to ensure its successful operation.

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