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This division of the firm is primarily focused on providing our clients with real estate brokerage and investment services. We consider our relationship with our clients more as a partnership, rather then as a service provider. Since 1988, the firm has provided both residential and commercial property advisory. We are members of both national and local property listing services, affording our clients maximum exposure to the entire marketplace. Our “forte” is at client representation in evaluating investment real estate and securing a price and terms that will meet the client’s expectations. Most of our work assignments are located in the Denver metro area; however some assignments have been conducted in various locations throughout Colorado.

The following are areas of the firm’s expertise

  • Broker Estimate of Market Value
  • Market Comparison Reports and CMA’s
  • Repositioning Property for Sale
  • Maximizing Property Value
  • Client Transaction Representation
  • Property Market Analysis
  • Market Area Studies
  • Expert Real Estate Support / Advisory

For those projects where a range of expertise exceeds that of the firm, we maintain a close working relationship with other firms and individuals that can provide expertise on an as needed basis. Some of the areas we typically utilize as outside support are property condition inspections and environmental assessments, various survey and engineering services, specialized legal and tax advice, architectural design and decorating expertise, and general contracting to mention a few. Those associate firms allow us to provide a team of senior level professionals for any project that requires a total program management approach.


Our firm provides services which range from assessing the market potential for a property, to completing the real estate transaction. We have the experience to navigate the entire process and will keep the transaction running smoothly. Whether you are purchasing an income property or a user building, we consider them investments. So when we’re involved you’ll know how the investment will perform for you over time. In addition, we provide problem solving advice and alternative courses of action strategies for workout situations. Moreover, we can work closely with the various parties involved in the transaction process, such as title companies, financial lenders, inspection services, as well as handle those critical aspects of the transaction that require proper documentation and attention to detail. Also available are a host of unique client specific services to support the transaction process when the situation requires.


Almost all transaction assignments require the preparation of real estate forms and documents, such as listing agreements, offers to purchase, counteroffers, amend and extend, and property disclosure documents, etc. Naturally, once the parties are in agreement and under contract, fulfilling the contract requirements become the focus of the assignment, which is where we excel. We can provide our clients with approved real estate document preparation and guide them in the execution requirements necessary to complete the transaction.

The following are activities supported by the firm:

  • Processing the Entire Real Estate Transaction
  • National and Local Property Listing Services
  • National, Regional and Local Networking Capabilities
  • Internet Marketing and Research Technologies
  • Determination of Property Sale Value
  • Identification of Market Comparisons
  • Analyzing the Investment Potential
  • Work out the Critical Issues
  • Locating Various Sources of Financing
  • Work closely with Legal and Tax Advisors
  • Expert Real Estate Support / Advisory

These activities make full use of our combined strengths in market knowledge, property research, sales and marketing, and transaction management. The work is organized so that the Principal Broker of the firm, as well as the support staff, are involved in every aspect of the transaction to ensure its successful completion.

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