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This division of the firm is primarily focused on providing our clients with urban planning, real estate development and market intelligence expertise for real estate investment projects. Since 1981, the firm has built a solid reputation for its successful involvements in both residential and commercial projects of various sizes and complexities. Most of the work assignments have been located in the Denver metro area; however some assignments have been conducted in various locations throughout the western United States.

The following are areas of the firm’s expertise

  • Land Planning
  • Site Selection
  • Site Design Studies
  • Market Research
  • Development Consulting
  • Redevelopment and Historic Preservation
  • Jurisdictional Approvals of Planning and Development Applications
  • Real Estate Investment Counseling
  • Neighborhood Outreach
  • Expert Real Estate Support / Advisory

For those projects where a range of expertise exceeds that of the firm, we maintain a close working relationship with other firms and individuals that can provide expertise on an as needed basis. Some of the areas we typically utilize as outside support are environmental sciences, survey and civil engineering, specialized legal and tax advice, architectural design and traffic, to mention a few. Those associate firms allow us to provide a team of senior level professionals for any project that requires a total program management approach.


Our firm provides services which range from investigation and research services such as field studies, market data analysis, market monitoring and intelligence gathering, etc., to design studies and site evaluation type services such as preliminary land plan design concepts, highest and best use planning and development feasibility analysis, etc. In addition, we provide development documentation preparation and offer governmental processing services such as, site plans, zoning applications and other development submission documents and exhibits. Moreover, we can provide annexation, rezoning and special use permit applications. Also available, when the situation requires, are a host of specialized services too numerous to mention to support the application approval process.


Almost all project assignments require the preparation for some form of documents, such as an application, study, report or design preparation. Typically, these types of documents are required for permits, site design evaluation or justification for an official request. We can provide our clients with virtually all of support documents required for any real estate development approval processing.

The following are activities supported by the firm:

  • Land Use Studies
  • Market Analysis
  • Site Plans
  • Development Feasibility Analysis
  • Redevelopment Pro-forma Studies
  • Development Approval Processing
  • Local, State and Federal Permit Application Processing
  • Investment Analysis
  • Exhibits and Presentation Materials
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation Support/ Expert Witness

These activities make full use of our combined strengths in planning, designing, programming and processing real estate developments. Anthony Gengaro is the principal consultant on all consulting assignments and works with staff support in various disciplines on each assignment.

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