Firm Background

In the Beginning

Anthony Gengaro established his company in 1981 as a Colorado Corporation doing business as A Gengaro & Associates, Inc. The primary activity of this Denver based business was as a real estate development, construction management and real estate brokerage firm. The mission of the firm at that time was to synthesize the previous 10 years of residential and commercial development and building experience he gained working for other firms, and channeled that into a thriving concern that provided tailored services for its clientele.

During those initial 10 years in the industry, Gengaro utilized his advanced education and training in real estate planning, development and construction management to gain progressively more responsible management experience with prominent local and national development firms before creating his own business. After several years of continuous growth with his own firm, it was determined that the firm’s clientele could utilize the new services of a consulting division in conjunction with the successful services already being provided. The initial demand for this new service came from existing clients who recognized the firm’s problem solving and project management skills.

As a result of the increasing demand for this consulting expertise, the firm began to develop a reputation as a real estate development advisory. At the same time, the construction and brokerage divisions of the firm began to experience demand for more growth. It was at this time the firm decided to concentrate on fewer but higher quality projects and limit growth to a manageable pace. As the firm continued to evolve, its consulting practice became its largest source of repeat business and referrals. By the late 1980’s, the consulting practice had become the primary source of revenue for a 15 member firm. The success of the firm continued over the years, even as the real estate market ebbed and flowed, adding to the firm’s reputation as both competent and resourceful.

How We’ve Grown

Today, The Gengaro Companies, the parent company formed in 1988 to separate the firm’s divisions, offers an array of services in urban planning, development and construction management, commercial real estate and real estate investment services through its four distinct divisions. However, its consulting division, A Gengaro & Associates Inc. is its primary profit center with a focus on urban planning, development consulting and market intelligence gathering assignments. The firms other divisions, Gengaro Construction Management Inc., Forum Realty, Ltd., and Pivotal Commercial Ventures, Inc., round out the firms diversified real estate services.

In an industry that puts a lot of emphasis on specialization, time and again the firm’s diversified background and experience has enabled its consulting division to be the lead consultant on the management of numerous development projects. Having working knowledge and recent experiences on actual real estate project assignments seems to have given us the edge desired by our clients. Notwithstanding, the firm has continued to evolve and refine its service capabilities so it can work as a primary resource on individual projects or collaborate with other firms and professionals as a project team member in an interdisciplinary approach to serving its clients.

The primary benefit we offer our clients is that we offer senior-level project management experience to each of our assignments. This aspect of our operation is at the core of our success strategy. Together with the added value of a fully equipped office, utilizing advanced technologies and workstations for staff support in planning, design, research and project management, our capabilities are more than adequate for most client needs.

Planning for the Future

The industry is in a constant state of change. New technologies, advance training, evolving relationships and global perspective are changing the way we do business every day. Embracing these changes has kept the Gengaro Companies, Inc. in the forefront. We are committed to providing our clients with cutting edge professional services down to the last detail. This has always been our mantra and served us well since 1981. We are students of the ever changing elements of the real estate industry. We will continue in this vein.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Gengaro believes the true secret to his firm’s success is his philosophical approach to management. “We manage each assignment so that the ultimate responsibility for its successful completion is at the senior level. This ensures the most professional results we can offer our clients. In this manner, each client receives personal attention to detail, comprehensive oversight and the realization that the work is tailored to their specific requirements”.

We look forward to working with you.


Anthony A. Gengaro, CCIM, CRE

The Gengaro Companies
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